Older Children
Gemma Daniel Errico & Art by Shivani Kaushik - Feb. 2, 2021
1. GOLDEN Gemma was only five minutes away from her parents’ hut, but the jungle had already taken on a different personality. It was thicker. The trees had grown taller. …
The Halloween House Carol Moore - Feb. 2, 2021
Now Suzie's moved in--she's only 4--along with her brother, her father and mother, and little Picador. He's their dog. Well, maybe half a dog. He's a Chihuahua, as small as …
The Littlest Knight Carol Moore - Feb. 2, 2021
Follow the littlest knight as he battles to save the kingdom from the terrible dragon and win the hand of the princess.
The Story of Yes and No Daniel Errico - Feb. 2, 2021

Before words were words, a boy named Yes lived in a small village in a small kingdom. Yes was good at everything. He was the best, smartest and most …

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